Pricing Adjustment Notice for Grozers, Pliers, Breakers & Mosaic Cutters

We would like to inform that the price will increase about 8% for all of grozers, pliers, breakers & mosaic cutters which are listed on our web site . The new pricing will be effective from Sep. 1st, 2018.

As you already know too well, prices are going up almost everywhere, and we are experiencing the same challenges. The price increase in our products reflect increased cost for past years. We will try our best to keep the new price in the future. And we will continue working hard to keep our prices competitive in the market without sacrificing quality.

We hope this information will help you to plan your order plan accordingly. And we appreciate you for continuing to support us.

Holiday Closing Notice

Dear customers, 

Please be informed that our office will be closed from February 15 to February 20 during Lunar New Year Holiday.

All the inquiries and orders placed after February 15 will be processed and replied back after February 21. We apologize for the inconvenience, and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

May the year 2018 be meaningful and prosperous as ever for you! 

Thank you.

Leponitt Autumn Sale- Order NOW Through December 31

Dear Friend,
To supply our loyalest business partner, San Jung will hold the season sale in Autumn 2017. It is the first time to have such big sale for the past over 20 years. 
Place your order now through December 31 to get the unforgettable discount on Leponitt professional tools as below. 

Confirm Before 31 December 2017
Delivery from 31 October ~ 31 March 2018


SPPB-14 Leponitt 14" Bench Brush

Plastic bristles. Five rows of 15 bristle tufts, 2-5/8"(57mm) long. For sweeping glass hard, well as general purpose brush. 13-3/4"(349mm) hardwood handle is bored for hanging.



OWF-8 Octagon Oak Fan Base

Octagonal design stained oak base for fan shade.
Dimensions: 4"×4"×1-1/4"



Hear from you in Autumn sale!! 



Announcement: Upgraded PRP-1-R rubbers !!

Dear Friends!

We are glad to inform you that we upgraded our (#PRP-1-R) replacement rubbers for PRP-1 running pliers.

We use TPR as material to produce our upgrade replacement rubbers from now on. TPR is recyclable material, and environmentally friendly since during its production process, it will not produce any harmful contamination or odor; in addition, it is easy to manufacture with stable qualities. 

Besides, we add our "Leponitt" logo on upper jaw (concave) rubber to help you identify rubbers for upper jaw easily when replace rubbers of PRP-1 yourself.

Item number adjustment for lamp harps

Item number for our lamp harps are changed as below:

OBHP Series Leponitt Bronze Lamp Harps
OBHP354: 3-1/2" (89mm)→OBHP35
OBHP44: 4" (102mm)→OBHP4
OBHP54: 5" (127mm)→OBHP5
OBHP64: 6" (152mm)→OBHP6
OBHP654: 6-1/2" (165mm)→OBHP65
OBHP74: 7" (178mm)→OBHP7
OBHP84: 8" (203mm)→OBHP8
OBHP94: 9" (229mm)→OBHP9
OBHP954: 9-1/2" (241mm)→OBHP95
OBHP104: 10" (254mm)→OBHP10
OBHP114: 11" (279mm)→OBHP11
OBHP124: 12" (305mm)→OBHP12

Leponitt Golden Lamp Harps
OGHP44: 4" (102mm)→OGHP4
OGHP54: 5" (127mm)→OGHP5
OGHP64: 6" (152mm)→OGHP6
OGHP74: 7" (178mm)→OGHP7
OGHP84: 8" (203mm)→OGHP8
OGHP94: 9" (229mm)→OGHP9
OGHP954: 9-1/2" (241mm)→OGHP95
OGHP104: 10" (254mm)→OGHP10