Bevels & Bevel Clusters, and Glue Chip Glass



Clear glass bevel, slanted edges refract light into a rainbow of colors, and create beautiful sparkles of light, also add shimmering interest to your panel!

*Our bevels are 5mmT clear glass, usually with 12mm bevel.
**Following is our standard size, but special size can be supplied upon your request; mirror and glue chip glass are also available if you need (except pencil bevel glass).
  • Square Bevel

V5QB-11: 1”x1", 3/8" bevel
V5QB-1515: 1-1/2”x1-1/2"
V5QB-125125: 1-1/4”x1-1/4
V5QB-22: 2”x2”
V5QB-33: 3”x3”
V5QB-44: 4”x4”
V5QB-55: 5”x5”
V5QB-66: 6”x6”
V5QB-99: 9”x9”


  • Rectangle Bevel

V5RB-152: 1-1/2”x2"
V5RB-153: 1-1/2”x3”
V5RB-154: 1-1/2”x4”
V5RB-155: 1-1/2”x5”
V5RB-156: 1-1/2”x6”
V5RB-157: 1-1/2”x7”
V5RB-158: 1-1/2”x8”
V5RB-159: 1-1/2”x9”
V5RB-1510: 1-1/2”x10”
V5RB-1511: 1-1/2”x11”
V5RB-1512: 1-1/2”x12”
V5RB-1514: 1-1/2”x14”

V5RB-1518: 1-1/2”x18”
V5RB-1524: 1-1/2”x24”
V5RB-1536: 1-1/2”x36”
V5RB-1548: 1-1/2”x48”
V5RB-23: 2”x3”
V5RB-24: 2”x4”
V5RB-25: 2”x5”
V5RB-26: 2”x6”
V5RB-27: 2”x7”
V5RB-28: 2”x8”
V5RB-29: 2”x9”
V5RB-210: 2”x10”

V5RB-211: 2”x11”
V5RB-212: 2”x12”
V5RB-218: 2”x18”
V5RB-224: 2”x24”
V5RB-236: 2”x36”
V5RB-248: 2”x48”
V5RB-260: 2”x60”
V5RB-34: 3”x4”
V5RB-35: 3”x5”
V5RB-36: 3”x6”
V5RB-37: 3”x7”
V5RB-38: 3”x8”


V5RB-39: 3”x9”
V5RB-310: 3”x10”
V5RB-311: 3”x11”
V5RB-312: 3”x12”
V5RB-318: 3”x18”
V5RB-324: 3”x24”
V5RB-336: 3”x36”
V5RB-348: 3”x48”
V5RB-45: 4”x5”
V5RB-46: 4”x6”
V5RB-47: 4”x7”
V5RB-48: 4”x8”
V5RB-49: 4”x9”
V5RB-410: 4”x10”

V5RB-411: 4”x11”
V5RB-412: 4”x12”
V5RB-418: 4”x18”
V5RB-424: 4”x24”
V5RB-436: 4”x36”
V5RB-448: 4”x48”
V5RB-56: 5”x6”
V5RB-57: 5”x7”
V5RB-58: 5”x8”
V5RB-59: 5”x9”
V5RB-510: 5”x10”
V5RB-511: 5”x11”
V5RB-512: 5”x12”
V5RB-516: 5”x16”

V5RB-518: 5”x18”
V5RB-524: 5”x24”
V5RB-536: 5”x36”
V5RB-67: 6”x7”
V5RB-68: 6”x8”
V5RB-69: 6”x9”
V5RB-610: 6”x10”
V5RB-611: 6”x11”
V5RB-612: 6”x12”
V5RB-618: 6”x18”
V5RB-624: 6”x24”
V5RB-636: 6”x36”

  • Pencil Bevel

1"×1", 13mmW beveling, one point on the top

3/4”x3/4”, beveling one point on the top


V5PB-71: 3/4”x1”
V5PB-7515: 3/4”x1-1/2”
V5PB-72: 3/4”x2”
V5PB-73: 3/4”x3”
V5PB-74: 3/4”x4”
V5PB-75: 3/4”x5”
V5PB-76: 3/4”x6”
V5PB-77: 3/4”x7”
V5PB-78: 3/4”x8”
V5PB-79: 3/4”x9”
V5PB-710: 3/4”x10”
V5PB-711: 3/4”x11”
V5PB-724: 3/4”x24”
V5PB-736: 3/4”x36”

V5PB-115: 1”x1-1/2”
V5PB-125125: 1-1/4”x1-1/4”
V5PB-1515: 1-1/2”x1-1/2”
V5PB-12: 1”x2”
V5PB-13: 1”x3”
V5PB-14: 1”x4”
V5PB-15: 1”x5”
V5PB-16: 1”x6”
V5PB-17: 1”x7”
V5PB-18: 1”x8”
V5PB-19: 1”x9”
V5PB-110: 1”x10”
V5PB-111: 1”x11”
V5PB-112: 1”x12”

V5PB-118: 1”x18”
V5PB-124: 1”x24”
V5PB-136: 1”x36”
V5PB-23: 2”x3”
V5PB-24: 2”x4”
V5PB-25: 2”x5”
V5PB-26: 2”x6”
V5PB-28: 2”x8”
V5PB-210: 2”x10”
V5PB-212: 2”x12”
V5PB-224: 2”x24”
V5PB-248: 2”x48”

  • Triangle Bevel

V5TB223: 2"×2"×3"
V5TB333: 3"×3"×3"
V5TB334: 3"×3"×4"
V5TB335: 3"×3"×5"
V5TB34555: 3"×(4-1/2)"×(5-1/2)"
V5TB444: 4"×4"×4"
V5TB446: 4"×4"×6"
V5TB447: 4"×4"×7"
V5TB555: 5"×5"×5"
V5TB55556: (5-1/2)"×(5-1/2)"×6"
V5TB55559: (5-1/2)"×(5-1/2)"×9"
V5TB666: 6"×6"×6"


  • Diamond Bevel

V5DB-12: 1"×2"
V5DB-1525: (1-1/2)"×(2-1/2)"
V5DB-1753: 1-3/4"×5"
V5DB-23: 2"×3"
V5DB-24: 2"×4"
V5DB-26: 2"×6"
V5DB-35: 3"×5"
V5DB-46: 4"×6"
V5DB-47: 4"×7"
V5DB-57: 5"×7"
V5DB-59: 5"×9"
V5DB-69: 6"×9"
V5DB-12: 1"×2"


  • Circle, Half Circle, and Oval Bevel

Circle Bevel

V5CR-15: 1-1/2” in diameter
V5CR-2: 2” in diameter
V5CR-3: 3” in diameter
V5CR-4: 4” in diameter
V5CR-5: 5” in diameter
V5CR-6: 6” in diameter

Half Circle Bevel

V5CR-25: 2” in diameter
V5CR-35: 3” in diameter
V5CR-45: 4” in diameter
V5CR-55: 5” in diameter
V5CR-65: 6” in diameter

Oval Bevel

V5OB-24: 2”×4"
V5OB-35: 3”×5"
V5OB-46: 4”×6"
V5OB-57: 5”×7"
V5OB-35: 6”×9"

  • Other Bevels

Star Bevel

V5AB-22: 2"×2" (Diagonal)
V5AB-33: 3"×3" (Diagonal)
V5AB-44: 4"×4" (Diagonal)
V5AB-55: 5"×5" (Diagonal)

Arcked Corner Bevel

V5ACB-211: 2”x1”x1”R
V5ACB-355: 2”x(1-1/2)”x(1-1/2)”R
V5ACB-422: 4”x2”x2”R
V5ACB-523: 5”x2”x3”R

Mitered Corner Bevel (2pcs/set)

V5MCB-41:  4”x4”x1”
V5MCB-415:  4”x4”x(1-1/2)”
V5MCB-42:  4”x4”x2”


Leponitt bevel clusters are 5mm thick clear glass, with 12mm bevel. All be shrink packing.

Besides our standard design, custom design is welcome.

VBC-1 : 7"×7", 6PCS

VBC-1: 7"×7", 6PCS

VBC-2 : 6"×6", 6PCS

VBC-2: 6"×6", 6PCS

VBC-3 : 6"×6", 6PCS

VBC-3: 6"×6", 6PCS

VBC-4 : 6-1/2"×8-1/2", 7PCS

VBC-4: 6-1/2"×8-1/2", 7PCS

VBC-4B : 6"×4-1/2", 7PCS

VBC-4B: 6"×4-1/2", 7PCS

VBC-6 : 7"×13-1/2", 12PCS

VBC-6: 7"×13-1/2", 12PCS

VBC-7 : 16-1/4"×9-1/2", 13PCS

VBC-7: 16-1/4"×9-1/2", 13PCS

VBC-8 : 11"×7", 5PCS

VBC-8: 11"×7", 5PCS

VBC-9 : 17-1/2"×11", 9PCS

VBC-9: 17-1/2"×11", 9PCS

VBC-10 : 18-1/2"×13-1/4", 13PCS

VBC-10: 18-1/2"×13-1/4", 13PCS

VBC-11 : 7"×11", 4PCS

VBC-11: 7"×11", 4PCS

VBC-12 : 6"×6", 5PCS

VBC-12: 6"×6", 5PCS

VBC-21 : 10-3/4"×12-1/2", 11PCS

VBC-21: 10-3/4"×12-1/2", 11PCS

VBC-301 : 7-1/2"×13-1/2", 4PCS

VBC-301: 7-1/2"×13-1/2", 4PCS

VBC-302 : 8"×8", 4PCS

VBC-302: 8"×8", 4PCS

VBC-303 : 12"×12", 4PCS

VBC-303: 12"×12", 4PCS

VBC-304 : 8-3/4"×20", 9PCS

VBC-304: 8-3/4"×20", 9PCS

VBC-305 : 7"×8-1/4", 4PCS

VBC-305: 7"×8-1/4", 4PCS

VBC-306 : 4"×6-1/2", 3PCS

VBC-306: 4"×6-1/2", 3PCS

VBC-307 : 4-1/2"×16", 6PCS

VBC-307: 4-1/2"×16", 6PCS

VBC-308 : 9-1/2"×27-3/4", 28PCS

VBC-308: 9-1/2"×27-3/4", 28PCS

VBC-309S : 4-3/4"×7", 4PCS

VBC-309S: 4-3/4"×7", 4PCS

VBC-309L : 7"×10", 4PCS

VBC-309L: 7"×10", 4PCS

VBC-310 : 10"×54", 28PCS

VBC-310: 10"×54", 28PCS

VBC-311 : 12-1/2"×30-1/2", 29PCS

VBC-311: 12-1/2"×30-1/2", 29PCS

VBC-312 : 12-3/4"×51-1/2", 29PCS

VBC-312: 12-3/4"×51-1/2", 29PCS

VBC-313 : 10-5/8"×18", 12PCS

VBC-313: 10-5/8"×18", 12PCS

VBC-314 : 10"×10", 12PCS

VBC-314: 10"×10", 12PCS

VBC-315 : 7-3/4""×12-1/2"", 12PCS

VBC-315: 7-3/4""×12-1/2"", 12PCS

VBC-316 : 9-5/8"×19-1/2", 14PCS

VBC-316: 9-5/8"×19-1/2", 14PCS

VBC-317 : 5-1/2"×12", 9PCS

VBC-317: 5-1/2"×12", 9PCS

VBC-318 : 10-1/2"×25", 9PCS

VBC-318: 10-1/2"×25", 9PCS

VBC-319 : 12"×12", 16PCS

VBC-319: 12"×12", 16PCS

VBC-320 : 18-1/2"×20", 20PCS

VBC-320: 18-1/2"×20", 20PCS

VBC-321 : 7-1/2"×29", 21PCS

VBC-321: 7-1/2"×29", 21PCS

VBC-324 : 5-1/2"×8", 5PCS

VBC-324: 5-1/2"×8", 5PCS

VBC-325 : 6"×6", 4PCS

VBC-325: 6"×6", 4PCS

VBC-326 : 10"×17-1/2", 9PCS

VBC-326: 10"×17-1/2", 9PCS

VBC-336 : 6-3/4"×18-3/4", 14PCS

VBC-336: 6-3/4"×18-3/4", 14PCS

VBC-338 : 10"×10", 5PCS

VBC-338: 10"×10", 5PCS

VP-301 : 460mm×260mm, 9PCS

VP-301: 460mm×260mm, 9PCS

VP-302 : 397mm×112mm, 9PCS

VP-302: 397mm×112mm, 9PCS

VP-303 : 679mm×276mm, 15PCS

VP-303: 679mm×276mm, 15PCS

VP-304 : 581mm×234mm, 15PCS

VP-304: 581mm×234mm, 15PCS

VP-305 : 332mm×205mm, 5PCS

VP-305: 332mm×205mm, 5PCS

VP-306 : 467mm×504mm, 20PCS

VP-306: 467mm×504mm, 20PCS

VP-307 : 769mm×384mm, 19PCS

VP-307: 769mm×384mm, 19PCS

VP-308 : 190mm×150mm, 7PCS

VP-308: 190mm×150mm, 7PCS

VP-309 : 305mm×305mm, 17PCS

VP-309: 305mm×305mm, 17PCS

VP-310 : 305mm×305mm, 8PCS

VP-310: 305mm×305mm, 8PCS

VP-311 : 457mm×457mm, 17PCS

VP-311: 457mm×457mm, 17PCS

VP-312 : 387mm×132mm, 6PCS

VP-312: 387mm×132mm, 6PCS

VP-312A : 347mm×132mm, 4PCS

VP-312A: 347mm×132mm, 4PCS

VP-313 : 420mm×170mm, 6PCS

VP-313: 420mm×170mm, 6PCS

VP-314:  187mm×152mm, 3PCS

VP-314: 187mm×152mm, 3PCS

VP-315 : 187mm×155mm, 3PCS

VP-315: 187mm×155mm, 3PCS

VP-316 : 162mm×132mm, 3PCS

VP-316: 162mm×132mm, 3PCS

VP-317 : 225mm×163mm, 7PCS

VP-317: 225mm×163mm, 7PCS

VP-318 : 231mm×168mm, 3PCS

VP-318: 231mm×168mm, 3PCS

VP-319 : 153mm×128mm, 6PCS

VP-319: 153mm×128mm, 6PCS


glue chip glass.jpg

Clear Glue Chip Glass

Glue chip is a texture that looks like frost on a window pane during the winter cold. Which is created by applying hot glue to the sandblasted surface of clear float glass and allowing it to dry under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Leponitt supply clear glue chip glass with great grains.

MCG-3: 3mmT, 36”x24” (6SQ.ft) per sheet
MOQ. Requirement: 100 sheets/Wooden Case/450KGS

MCG-5: 5mmT, 36”x24” (6SQ.ft) per sheet
MOQ. Requirement: 50 sheets/Wooden Case/390KGS

*Noted: We will have additional charge for heat treatment & wooden case.